Life after Study Abroad: A Reflection

Jackie Quidort ’14 studied communications during her time at Elizabethtown College. Jackie has a passion for travel and chose to study abroad in Cheltenham, England, where she met her now-husband. Five years later, she has taken the time to reflect on her study abroad experience. Jackie was abroad for three months. The months spent in... Continue Reading →

Making Cheltenham, England Home

Skye McDonald graduated from Elizabethtown College in 2017 with a degree in English Professional Writing. While at Elizabethtown, she had the opportunity to study abroad in Cheltenham, England. After graduation, she was happy to expand her writing experience by writing a blog for BCA Study Abroad. Skye cites studying abroad as one of her most... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Learning a Language Abroad

Nick Callahan ’18 graduated from Elizabethtown College with a major in Economics and a minor in German. He studied abroad in Marburg, Germany for the 2016-2017 academic year. Before going abroad, Nick knew minimal German and had the experience of learning a new language abroad. Growing up, Nick’s parents traveled often and he spent time... Continue Reading →

What’s the Craic?

Every international student ever will tell you that their time abroad changes them. Naturally, when I chose to travel to Ireland, I expected this would apply to me as well. But I didn’t expect it to begin even before I boarded the plane. From the day I committed to my semester in Dublin, Ireland, my... Continue Reading →

Study Abroad Spotlight: Paris, France

Studying abroad in Paris, France has provided several insights into cultural differences between France and America, particularly between French and American manners. In America, most people consider smiling a friendly gesture; however, the French often do not smile, even when thanking someone. A street vendor told me that he could tell I was American because... Continue Reading →

Instant Love Affair: Brussels, Belgium

Janie Szybist '12 instantly fell in love with Brussels.  As a communications major, she had the opportunity to study abroad for a semester during her junior year. Brussels, Belgium is as far away from suburbia as it gets; the homes are medieval looking and line narrow streets. The houses seem to blend together, much like... Continue Reading →

Public Transportation: US vs. UK

While studying abroad, we have found that there are many differences between American and British culture. One of the most prominent differences is how easy it is for people, especially students, to travel within the country. Traveling is obviously a big reason why studying abroad is appealing to college students. It gives them the opportunity... Continue Reading →

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