Perspectives on the US while Abroad – Cheltenham, England

Vanessa Andrews is an Elizabethtown College 2013 alumna. While at Elizabethtown, she studied English Literature and Fine Art and had the opportunity to study abroad in Cheltenham, England. She is currently employed with The Walt Disney Company.

Vanessa’s time abroad gave her a new perspective on the US. With no language barrier, it is sometimes easy to forget you are in a foreign country; after all, American companies like Subway can easily be found between British food chains and American pop music is still played.

The lush countryside of the Cotswolds area makes the town of Cheltenham colorful and fragrant. Even the people, with their elevated and risk-taking sense of style, add a new layer of color to the city. Living and going to school in Cheltenham have not only sparked Vanessa’s wanderlust, but also shed a new light on the United States.

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