Making Cheltenham, England Home

Skye McDonald graduated from Elizabethtown College in 2017 with a degree in English Professional Writing. While at Elizabethtown, she had the opportunity to study abroad in Cheltenham, England. After graduation, she was happy to expand her writing experience by writing a blog for BCA Study Abroad.

Skye cites studying abroad as one of her most meaningful experiences at Elizabethtown. She misses the experience and the overall opportunity to transform from a tourist to a resident. In the process of becoming a resident, there are a few instances which stuck out for Skye. The first was her frequent visits to her favorite coffee shop. They resulted in the barista knowing her order. Another instance was her adaptation to the climate. Though Cheltenham is warmer than London due to its more southern location, it is still colder than the US. Skye became so adjusted to this weather that, when her aunt came to visit, bundled in her winter best, Skye was sunning herself in the warm, 64-degree heat.

When Cheltenham hosted a horse race, tourist flooded the area and Skye was able to help with questions about the locations of restaurants and other amenities, showing how comfortable she was with her surroundings. The final instance showed her that she had truly transformed from a tourist to a resident; she found American currency to feel and look foreign. This was a huge sign that she had adjusted to her life in England as more than an international student, an opportunity she would have not otherwise had, hadn’t she studied abroad.

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