Living with a Host Family: The Truth

Sarah Pomerantz is a senior international business major at Elizabethtown College. Besides immersing herself in musical theater, doing crafts and playing with her dog, Sarah has a passion for travel and spent her fall 2017 semester in Barcelona, Spain.

Sarah had the opportunity to live with a host family and discusses it in her appropriately titled blog “Strangers Now a Second Family.” Sarah was nervous about living with a host family when she arrived in Barcelona and was fortunate enough to be placed with a family similar to her own stay-at-home mom, working dad, teenage daughter, and a dog. She instantly became close with her host mom and their chats over and after lunch quickly became an integral part of her day. As she became closer with her family, she began spending time watching Barcelona’s soccer team with her host father and enjoyed “Pizza Friday’s” with the whole family. By watching TV with the family, she even began to learn some Catalan, the regional dialect. By the end of her time in Barcelona, Sarah felt more confident than ever in her Spanish speaking abilities and she credits her improvement to her host family.

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