The 5 Best Things About Studying Abroad in Spain

International Business & Public Relations major Ali Kunkel '23 studied abroad in Barcelona during the spring of 2022. Studying abroad in Barcelona gives anyone the perfect mix of city life with the laid-back Spanish atmosphere. It felt completely different from the United States, but also completely different from other Mediterranean countries.  During the Spring of... Continue Reading →

Finding My Path in Spain

This is an excerpt from a larger piece for the Honors Program at Elizabethtown College. In it, Sara shares about her transformative study abroad experience in Valladolid, Spain, and how her time there led her to many important revelations about her future. Though some may say the notion of studying abroad as an experience completely... Continue Reading →

Why Valladolid?

Olivia Geiger '20 is a senior Occupational Therapy student with a Spanish minor at Elizabethtown College. She spent the fall 2018 semester studying abroad in Valladolid, Spain. Olivia had many reasons to choose Valladolid, and she is happy with her decision to study there. Prior to studying abroad, Olivia had never left the United States.... Continue Reading →

How Studying Abroad Helped Me Choose the Peace Corps

Jaime Ramos ’18 majored in communications and minored in Spanish at Elizabethtown College. While at E-town, Jaime was a mentor for the College’s first-generation student program - Momentum, a campus tour guide, and a dancer. He also studied abroad in Valladolid, Spain  for a semester. Following graduation, Jaime wanted to work in a Spanish-speaking country... Continue Reading →

Living with a Host Family: The Truth

Sarah Pomerantz is a senior international business major at Elizabethtown College. Besides immersing herself in musical theater, doing crafts and playing with her dog, Sarah has a passion for travel and spent her fall 2017 semester in Barcelona, Spain. Sarah had the opportunity to live with a host family and discusses it in her appropriately... Continue Reading →

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