How Studying Abroad Helped Me Choose the Peace Corps

Jaime Ramos ’18 majored in communications and minored in Spanish at Elizabethtown College. While at E-town, Jaime was a mentor for the College’s first-generation student program – Momentum, a campus tour guide, and a dancer. He also studied abroad in Valladolid, Spain  for a semester.

Following graduation, Jaime wanted to work in a Spanish-speaking country in a position which allowed him to help youth make a positive difference in their lives. The Peace Corps was a perfect fit for him.

In January 2018, Jaime was chosen to serve as a member of the Peace Corps, where he will spend just over two years as a youth development facilitator in Peru. He will help junior high-aged students build life skills through activities such as positive extracurricular engagement. Although he will be unable to see his family for two years, he is proud of his accomplishments and dedication to service.

*Click on the hyperlinks above to learn more about the BCA Study Abroad Valladolid, Spain program and to read the original article published by E-town NOW on May 11, 2018. 


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