Study Abroad Alumni Recieve Fulbright Scholarships

In 2017, Fulbright scholarships were granted to two Elizabethtown College students Tyler Butkus ’17 and Nelli Orozco ’17.

The Fulbright US Student Program offers research, study, and teaching opportunities in more than 140 countries. Upward of 3600 college seniors, recent graduates, and graduate students are recommended for the program each year. The application process involves writing two essays, securing recommendations from faculty, and performing in a campus interview.

As a student, Orozco was a Spanish education PreK-12 major, who studied abroad for the 2015-16 academic year in Valladolid, Spain. She was granted a Fulbright in Spain for an English teaching assistantship. She left for the town of La Rioja, Spain in September of 2017, where she taught elementary students English for a year. During that year, Orozco also taught Spanish and English to community members near La Rioja, Spain, where there is a large concentration of Pakistani and South American immigrants. In 2018, Orozco’s Fulbright was renewed for a second year. She’s currently completing her second year as a Fulbright scholar in the Canary Islands!

Butkus was awarded a Fulbright scholarship in 2017 for independent research in technology pertaining to social enterprise at Bumi Langit permaculture institute in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. As a chemistry and business double major, he was unable to study abroad for a semester. Instead, he was awarded a prestigious Critical Language Scholarship through the US Department of State. On this all-expense-paid program, he spent two months intensively studying the Indonesian language in Bahasa, Indonesia.

His language skills were needed when completing his Fulbright scholarship and conducting research on food recycling as an intern at Graybill Processing Inc. While there, he introduced a plan to use black solider fly larvae to reduce food waste.

If you’re interested in learning more and/or applying for a Fulbright Scholarship or a Critical Language Scholarship, please conduct the College’s Office of Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships.

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