Instant Love Affair: Brussels, Belgium

Janie Szybist ’12 instantly fell in love with Brussels.  As a communications major, she had the opportunity to study abroad for a semester during her junior year.

Brussels, Belgium is as far away from suburbia as it gets; the homes are medieval looking and line narrow streets. The houses seem to blend together, much like the melting pot of people who live in Brussels. Even university classes were filled with students from all over the world. Janie didn’t have to go online to get world news; she could simply ask her friends who were more than willing to discuss their home country.

In addition to it’s international environment, Belgium is famous for three foods – beer, frites, and waffles. With waffles and frites stands lining the streets for tourists, there is no American replacement for a warm Belgian waffle with chocolate on a cold day, especially if it’s a true Belgian waffle found in the local cafes.

Janie’s favorite place to catch a bite to eat is the Grand Place. This is an enormous Gothic building complete with spires located in central Brussels. A perfect example of Belgian humor, Mannequin Pis, is located just down the street. Mannequin Pis is a small bronze statue of a young boy relieving himself and it is said the fountain reflects the city’s opinion of being occupied by other countries.

Between the architecture and the food, Janie has found a place with something for everyone and she is more than happy to call it home.

*Click on the hyperlinks above to learn more about the Brussels, Belgium program and to read Janie’s original blog published by BCA Study Abroad on January 19, 2015.

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