The 5 Best Things About Studying Abroad in Spain

International Business & Public Relations major Ali Kunkel '23 studied abroad in Barcelona during the spring of 2022. Studying abroad in Barcelona gives anyone the perfect mix of city life with the laid-back Spanish atmosphere. It felt completely different from the United States, but also completely different from other Mediterranean countries.  During the Spring of... Continue Reading →

Laura Carr ’22 Awarded Gilman Scholarship

Elizabethtown College is excited to announce that Spanish Education major, Laura Carr '22 is the fifteenth study abroad student to be awarded the prestigious Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship in the award's 19 year history. She plans on studying abroad in Granada, Spain for the 2020-21 academic year.* In addition to her coursework, Laura also... Continue Reading →

The Effects of Individualism/Collectivism on Spanish, Japanese and UK Culture

"Individualism and collectivism, also known as individual orientation and group orientation, are two of the most fundamental concepts that assist in the process of understanding a culture’s social life. These values produce variations in family structures, how aspects of education are structured, the way businesses handle group work, and how people conduct social relations. Collectivistic... Continue Reading →

Volunteering Abroad

Studying abroad can mean much more than classroom experiences. For students who wish to engage in meaningful life work by volunteering, doing so abroad might be a great choice. The following programs promote volunteer activities for their students, either through the program itself or through affiliated organizations. SOL Education Abroad; Buenos Aires, Argentina This program... Continue Reading →

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