Volunteering Abroad

Studying abroad can mean much more than classroom experiences. For students who wish to engage in meaningful life work by volunteering, doing so abroad might be a great choice. The following programs promote volunteer activities for their students, either through the program itself or through affiliated organizations.

SOL Education Abroad; Buenos Aires, Argentina

This program allows students to give back to their host community in a variety of ways. Students have the choice of many volunteer experiences, including work in healthcare, home building for those in shanty towns, and helping out at a soup kitchen. Students may participate in these activities for a minimum of one time, but they are encouraged to return and complete a full, fulfilling volunteer experience.

ISEP; Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Students at American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) may participate in many volunteer activities. The university stresses the importance of civic engagement, and student groups are involved in environmental efforts and work with children and the elderly. The Better Community Club gives students the opportunity to engage in fundraising for various causes.

BCA; Cheltenham, England

Students here may get involved in volunteer work maintaining the gardens at the University of Gloucestershire, or they may participate in fundraising activities for charities in Cheltenham.

CIS Abroad; London, England

Studying at London’s Roehampton University opens students up to a variety of volunteer groups and activities. Students may become involved in the “Growhampton” sustainability project, which aims to be more environmentally conscious of activities at Roehampton. Other organizations allow students to creatively work with and teach children, plan events for the elderly, and engage in fun activities with learning disabled people.

ISEP; Accra, Ghana

This program facilitates student volunteer activities through the Global Engagement Program. Participation in this program costs an additional $700, but participating students have the opportunity to volunteer with one of multiple affiliated organizations. Students may work with organizations like BASICS International, Mawuvio Outreach Program, and Beacon House in alleviating poverty, aiding children, teaching, and more. You can explore all the opportunities in more detail here: Ghana Global Engagement Program Volunteer Site Guide.

CIS Abroad; Limerick, Ireland

Students at the University of Limerick (UL) complete a variety of volunteer placements, and UL awards one outstanding student each year with the President’s Volunteer Award. This award is open to study abroad students, who are encouraged to seek volunteer experiences in their local host community.

CIS Abroad; Florence, Italy

Students in this program, through their host university (Florence University of the Arts), have the opportunity to apply for a volunteer position. Accepted students are matched with one of several Florence-based organizations, from schools to churches to human rights groups, and they complete weekly volunteer activities with this organization.

SOL Education Abroad; Oaxaca, Mexico

Students here have several volunteer opportunities ranging from one-day engagements to long-term projects. If interested, students may work in fields such as human rights and social justice, health services, environmental maintenance, animal rescue, and education, and they will perform a variety of tasks, from fundraising to website design.

ISA; Meknes, Morocco

By participating in the study+ service-learning program, students will both take courses and work with a local organization on volunteer activities. Organizations in Meknes include the Women’s Development and Vocational Training Foundations, the Community Support Center, and the Center for Disabilities, among other groups working in health, community development, and human rights. Students may be required to have intermediate French or Arabic language proficiency to volunteer at certain placements.

BCA; Dunedin, New Zealand

Volunteering experiences in this program are especially suited to students passionate about conservation, animals, and the environment. Students have the opportunity to work with organizations like the New Zealand Department of Conservation, Forest and Bird – Lenz Reserve, and the Orokonoui Ecosanctuary, working with native wildlife and habitats. However, for less outdoors-y students, customized opportunities are also available in teaching, entrepreneurship and more. An Etown alumna volunteered at the Dunedin Night Shelter’s annual Sleep Out event in the town center!

API Abroad; Krakow, Poland

Students here may work with Krakow’s Volunteer Center and Children’ Friends Society allows students to work with children, and interested students will receive further details upon arrival in their program. Both short-term and long-term volunteer positions are available.

SOL Education Abroad; Granada, Spain

In addition to internship opportunities, this program also offers a service/community learning experience. Students in the service learning program complete work with the NGO Solidarios, which works with various communities in Granada. Participants may work with the homeless, the elderly, children and young people, and/or disabled people, and they will receive school credit for their efforts. This program requires Spanish language familiarity.

BCA; Valladolid, Spain

This program‘s connections with multiple organizations in Valladolid offer volunteer opportunities in addition to internships. Students may work with cancer patients, mentally disabled people, immigrants and refugees, or one of many other groups through the organizations Asociación de Voluntarios San Juan de Dios, Asociación Española Contra El Cancer, Red Incola, and more.

BCA; St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago

Students in this program are encouraged to become involved in their host community through volunteer placements. Students will be able to work with local organizations. Those interested should inquire with program leaders.

Please click the hyperlinks above to learn more about the listed programs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact studyabroad@etown.edu.

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