Cultural Patterns in Spanish & Japanese Culture vs. American Culture

“A country or culture’s cultural patterns, or value orientations, are used to describe the cultural values that characterize the dominant group within a culture. These patterns encompass the conditions that contribute to a social group’s perception of the world and how they live in that world. Cultural patterns are integrated, dynamic, and can be contradictory.

“When studying abroad, it is very likely that you will experience many of your new culture’s cultural patterns and values. If you travel with the mindset that the country where you plan to study will have the same values as you, as an American, you may be in for a bit of a surprise. By preparing yourself with the knowledge of the basic cultural patterns in the country to which you’re traveling, you will be much more prepared, which could lessen the intensity of your culture shock.”

To learn more about Spanish and Japanese culture continue reading Ally’s complete article on her blog.

About the Author: Ally Bonicker ’23

Ally Bonicker is a rising Sophomore at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, PA. She is majoring in Public Relations and Professional Writing. Ally has a passion for photography, art, music, and writing, and she enjoys spending time outdoors.

​Ally created this blog as the final project for her Multi-Cultural Communications summer 2020 course. In this course, she learned the importance of developing good intercultural communication skills. She has developed a strong understanding of many different cultures, as well as the unique cultural patterns and characteristics of many of the world’s cultures.

​Ally hopes this blog provides you with an insight into the cultural concepts and challenges that you might experience when studying abroad. Ally hopes to study abroad in the future and is currently considering Dr. Kathy Hughes’ May 2022 Ireland in Text and Image program.

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