Spotlight on New Programs 2019-2020 – Europe

In addition to all of the new countries Elizabethtown College added to their list of affiliated programs this year, the Study Abroad Office also offers new affiliated programs in many countries. If you are interested in studying abroad in Belgium, the Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, or Spain, one of these programs might be the right choice for you!

Brussels, Belgium: Institute for Field Education

This program is a great option for students who wish to improve their French language skills. Participants have the opportunity to complete an internship in French in addition to intensive course work over the 18-week program (if that seems like a lot, don’t worry–there is a week-long break between the courses and the internship). Completing an internship abroad has the added benefits of teaching cross-cultural communication, providing a space for language-learning, and expanding each students’ knowledge of their field to a global scale.

Prague, Czech Republic: CIS Abroad, Charles University

Students in this program will have the opportunity to attend the top-ranked university in the Czech Republic, studying fields such as history, sociology, psychology, and literature. Charles University is known for research, and even study abroad students may find research opportunities there. A great choice for humanities majors, Charles University also offers several clubs and activities for all students.

London, England: API Abroad, Florida State University – London Study Centre

This program is marketed towards students interested in studying in London who are looking for a more affordable and familiar option. Excursions include visits to Stonehenge and Bath, a weekend in Wales, the Harry Potter studio tour, and/or a visit to Oxford. The FSU London Study Center offers courses in a variety of subjects and is a good choice for students in many different majors or, alternatively, students looking to complete many of their core requirements abroad.

Caen, France: API Abroad, Carré International – Université de Caen, BasseNormandie

Students who want to improve their French skills may be interested in this program, which is open to students at all levels of French proficiency, including beginners. While classes are taught in French, students take a placement exam to determine what level of French their classes will use, ensuring that every student is comfortable with the language of instruction. This program also includes a great number of excursions to cities and natural and cultural sites, making it a good choice for students wishing to explore France and its cultural richness.

Marburg, Germany: ISEP, Philipps-Universitat

Students applying to this program have the option of an international program in English and an intensive German studies program, making this location and university available to both German-speaking and non-German-speaking students. The English program offers courses in a variety of subject areas and gives students the opportunity to study at a German university even without German language experience. The German program accommodates students at all levels of the language and includes three excursions to improve understanding of German culture.

Dublin, Ireland: CIS Abroad, Dublin City University

Dublin City University offers a variety of resources to students, including a diverse student body of over 10,000, studios and labs, and about 100 clubs and organizations. Students looking for a similar academic experience to that found in the U.S. might be interested in this university, allowing more time to meet new friends and explore a new city.

Limerick, Ireland: CIS Abroad, University of Limerick

Top rankings, research opportunities, and a diverse, international student body make the University of Limerick (colloquially known as UL) a great choice for many students. Environmentally conscious students might find a home at UL, one of Europe’s greenest universities. Students looking for a smaller metropolitan area in which they can study abroad may find Limerick, an ancient and culturally rich city of about 80,000 inhabitants, a perfect fit.

Florence, Italy: API Abroad, Lorenzo de’ Medici: The Italian International Institute

Located in one of the western world’s preeminent centers of art and history, this Florence program is the ideal location for courses in a variety of fields, from Italian language to business, in addition to opportunities for professional development, with certificate programs in fashion, architecture, interior design, sustainability, and more. Students can also complete internships and professional skills projects, such as working on graphic design or social media promotion with local businesses.

Rome, Italy: API Abroad, Lorenzo de’Medici: The Italian International Institute (incl. STEM Program)

This Rome location offers two options to students–the humanities-based curriculum and the STEM program–ensuring that students in any major can study in this location. The STEM program is specifically designed for students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math majors that may find studying abroad difficult, as many programs focus on humanities courses. Students who wish to study in Rome without prior experience in the Italian language may find either of these programs a good option, as all courses are taught in English.

Rome, Italy: CIS Abroad, American University of Rome

As the name suggests, this university allows students the comfort of an American-style campus alongside the benefits of studying in and exploring Italy’s historic capital. Located on Janiculum Hill, one of the tallest hills in Rome, the university gives students both a literal and a figurative overview of the iconic city. A wide range of courses and dynamic location make this program great for any student who wants to explore a rich new city.

Tuscania, Italy: API Abroad, Lorenzo de’Medici: The Italian International Institute

Many study abroad programs are based in major cities, but students who want a smaller location may be interested in this program in Tuscania – a town in central Italy with a population of fewer than 9,000 people. However, Tuscania is no less historic or picturesque than its larger counterparts, with a rich local history and multiple historic sites to explore. Students have opportunities for service learning and internships, as well as excursions to many easily-accessible sites around Italy, like the Amalfi Coast, Florence, and Rome.

Andalucía, Spain: Institute for Field Education

Students in this program have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of Spanish culture and improve their Spanish language skills while completing a twelve-week internship, including research experience. An intensive course program preceding the internships ensures that each student is prepared for the rigor of this challenging but rewarding experience. The diversity of the population and emphasis on cultural exchange in Andalucía make it an ideal study abroad location.

Asturias, Spain: Institute for Field Education

Like the program in Andalucía, this program also gives advanced Spanish language students the opportunity to complete an internship and research after a six-week period of intensive coursework. Asturias is a great location for many students because of internship opportunities in a variety of fields, including marine biology, public health, and agriculture. Additionally, Asturias has a large student population due to the University of Oviedo located there, giving students plenty of opportunities to connect with native Spanish students.

Barcelona, Spain: CIS Abroad, University of Barcelona

This program is designed for students with previous instruction in Spanish language, and students who participate live with host families and take courses in the language to improve their Spanish skills. For students who feel less confident in their Spanish skills, some English language courses are still available, making this program great for intermediate-level Spanish speakers who want to improve their Spanish without taking a full course load in the language. Additionally, the University of Barcelona has a rich history and an impressive academic record, consistently ranking as one of the top universities in Spain.

Granada, Spain: Sol Education Abroad, University of Granada

Students who truly want to be immersed in Spanish language and culture should look into this program in the historic city of Granada. In addition to exposure to a rich local culture, excursions to the many natural wonders near the city, and a diverse population, Granada offers students many opportunities to connect with community members. Students live with host families and can participate in a language exchange program to practice their Spanish with a native speaker. This program is also among the more affordable options featured on this list.

Click the hyperlinks above to learn more information about each program. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Study Abroad Office at


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