Spotlight on New Countries 2019-2020 – Europe

In the fall of 2019, the Elizabethtown College Study Abroad Office added 14 additional countries to their list of affiliated programs. Students now receive the benefits of an Etown affiliation if they choose to study in Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Poland, and Portugal.

If you are interested in studying abroad in any of these countries, read on!

Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria: ISEP Abroad, American University in Bulgaria

Studying in Bulgaria gives students the benefit of a diverse, multicultural and multinational university, as students at the American University in Bulgaria represent over 40 nationalities. Study abroad students live in residence halls with this diverse student population and have access to all the benefits of campus housing. There are many activities, clubs, and sports to join, in the style of an American university. Blagoevgrad is also a vibrant university town with plenty of cultural experiences, and it is a short distance away from exciting day trip destinations in southwest Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Greece.

Tartu, Estonia: ISEP, University of Tartu

This program is a good option for students who want to gain credits for their majors during their study abroad experience. The University of Tartu, the oldest university in Estonia, offers courses in science and technology, social sciences, medicine, fine arts, and humanities, and students are encouraged to take at least half of their coursework within their major. Students live in a hostel specifically for those studying at the university, both short-term and degree-seeking students. Less than 100 American students study in Estonia every year, so this is certainly a unique choice!

Budapest, Hungary: API Study Abroad, Corvinus University of Budapest

This program is a great choice for students studying international business or humanities. This is also a great program for travelers – the program cost includes three to four excursions, and Hungary’s central location within Europe means that it is easy and affordable to travel to many other European countries. American students can also join a program at Corvinus University that matches them with Hungarian students to get an authentic sense of the country through the eyes of a local. Students interested in education, especially teaching English as a second language, have the opportunity to volunteer and teach English in a local high school.

Reykjavik, Iceland: API Study Abroad, Reykjavik University

As a popular travel destination in recent years, Iceland is growing in popularity as a study abroad location. Students in this program get a full sense of Iceland’s natural beauty with excursions to national parks, glaciers, volcanoes, and beaches included in the tuition, in addition to taking courses in business, engineering, or computer science. International students also learn alongside Icelandic students to get a complete experience of Icelandic university life.

Krakow, Poland: API Study Abroad, Jagiellonian University

This program at one of the oldest universities in the world (founded in 1364!) is a great option for students in many humanities fields, including anthropology, history, literature, and art history. Courses cover topics like gender equality and democracy, contemporary media art, international relations, and religion in film. Poland is also a good choice for students interested in exploring a new language, as all students take a Polish class. Additionally, excursions run the gamut from reflective cultural experiences to nature explorations, offering something to interest everyone!

Lisbon, Portugal: API Study Abroad, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

If you are an international business major interested in exploring a new language, this may be the perfect program for you: courses available in this program focus on international business, international relations, and Portuguese language and culture. Plus, if you like to travel, this program offers more excursions than many others – five different trips in either the fall or spring semester – to cities, landmarks, and historical sites.

Many of these programs are located in less popular study abroad locations, so participating in them can help you stand out for future employment and prestigious, post-graduate scholarship opportunities, such as the Fulbright Scholarship. Plus, it’ll give you a unique experience abroad! If you are interested in more information about any of these programs, visit the hyperlinks or email!

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