Photo Gallery: Veterinary Medicine & Marine Biology in Costa Rica

J.D. Sterbens ’21 and Morgan Sommers ’21 used their study abroad experiences in Costa Rica to explore their interests. J.D. pursued a program in veterinary medicine to explore his passion for animals and further his goal of a career in this field. Morgan completed classes in sustainability and marine biology, fitting with her environmental engineering major. You can see some of their adventures in this gallery!

“I was surrounded by so many different aspects of the Costa Rican culture as I explored multiple parts of the country. I studied veterinary medicine, working with domestic, farm and wild animals. I will never forget the people, the scenery or the food! It was truly the experience of a lifetime.” – J.D.

John-costa rica-Image 1

John costa rica-image 5

John-costa rica-image 4

John-costa rica-image 3

John-costa rica-image 2

“In Spring 2019 I got the wonderful opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica at Veritas Universidad. I took courses focused on sustainability and marine biology providing me with unique knowledge and experience. The wide variety of Costa Rica’s landscape allowed me to travel to the most diverse of places!” – Morgan

Morgan-costa rica image 2


Morgan-costa rica image 5

Morgan-costa rica-image 1

Morgan-costa rica-image 3.jpg

To learn more about the Costa Rica Veterinary Medicine program and how it may fit into your passions and career goals, visit the Broadreach website here. (Note: this is not an Elizabethtown College affiliated program, but Etown students are welcome to participate if they so choose.)

To learn more about the CIS Abroad semester program in Costa Rica, visit the CIS website here.

About the Authors:

J.D. Sterbens ’21 – Summer 2019, Summer Program in Costa Rica

I am a junior biology pre-veterinary medicine major with a minor in communications. I am the vice president of BIOME and the vice president of the Stamps Scholars Society. I was also on the Etown swim team. I love animals and have studied their behavior and medical care all over the world.

Morgan Sommers ’21 – Spring 2019, Semester in Costa Rica

Morgan is a junior environmental engineering major and honors student. She is a member of the class of 2021 and studied abroad in Costa Rica in Spring 2019.

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