So You Want to Study A Language Abroad?

Elizabethtown College prides itself on strong programs in various languages – Spanish, French, Japanese, and German – as well as additional courses in American Sign Language, Latin, and even Sanskrit. However, if you are interested in studying a language that Etown does not offer, there are opportunities to do so – by studying abroad!

Etown offers several affiliated programs that allow you to study various languages abroad. While these programs vary between just offering one language course and being entirely taught in another language, all of them provide Etown students with the opportunity to study a new language that they may not otherwise be able to explore.

If you are interested in studying Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, or Russian during your study abroad experience, read on!

ISA: Meknes, Morocco – Arabic

Studying in Morocco with this program allows students to take courses in Arabic language. Students at all levels of Arabic knowledge are welcomed, as courses range from beginner to advanced, and interested students will take a placement exam before the program begins, if they have studied the language and wish to take a higher level of Arabic.

API Abroad: Shanghai, China – Chinese

This program accepts learners of all levels in Mandarin Chinese and offers courses in both Chinese and English at East China Normal University. Students can take two or three English courses plus one Chinese language course, which are available at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

CIS Abroad: Semester in Prague, Czech Republic – Czech

While this program offers instruction in English as well as French and German (both offered at Etown), studying in Prague also gives students the opportunity to begin learning the Czech language. The program offers a 10-day, pre-semester intensive study in Czech, as well as intro-level ‘Czech Language for Everyday Use’ during the semester itself.

ISEP: Semester in Tartu, Estonia – Estonian & Russian

This program offers short-term courses in Estonian at an intermediate level for international students, as well as an online, self-directed course for beginners. The University of Tartu also offers intermediate Russian studies for students who have previous Russian language experience. However, most courses directed towards international students are taught in English.

API Abroad: Semester in Budapest, Hungary – Hungarian

All students in this program who have not previously studied Hungarian are placed in a beginner-level Hungarian course designed for English-speaking international students. Students who have studied Hungarian should contact API about making different arrangements. With the exception of this course, all other courses are taught in English.

Bifröst University: Semester in Norðurárdalur, Iceland – Icelandic

The main language of instruction for exchange students at this Icelandic university is English, but international students may take ‘Icelandic Language and Culture’ for an introduction to the language. This is a beginner course, and students are not expected or required to have previous experience with Icelandic.

CIS Abroad: Semester in Florence, Italy – Italian

This program offers a variety of Italian language courses for beginners in the language. Many courses in this program combine a language element with another area of study, such as the city of Florence itself or Italian literature, in addition to traditional language classes. With the exception of language courses, all courses are taught in English.

API Abroad: Semester in Krakow, Poland – Polish

Before the main part of this program begins, students take an intensive, two-week course in Polish as an introduction to their host country’s language. After that, when other courses begin, students may choose to continue their Polish studies with a Polish language course (but only the pre-semester program is required). Other classes for international students are taught in English.

API Abroad: Semester in Lisbon, Portugal – Portuguese

While students in this program study at the University Institute of Lisbon, the university’s partner program with the New University of Lisbon allows students to take classes in Portuguese. Beginner through advanced courses are available to students with various levels of experience.

Studying abroad can be a great opportunity to explore a new discipline, especially a language – you can further immerse yourself in a new language when living among a society of native speakers! If you’re interested in learning a new language abroad, one of these programs might be the right fit for you. Contact the Study Abroad Office at to get started on your path to studying abroad!

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