Keep Calm and Experience London

Claire Weckerly is a senior biology major at Elizabethtown College and spent her spring 2017 semester studying at the University of Roehampton in London, England. During this time, she also had the opportunity to be a BCA Study Abroad Storyteller.

Because of royals, Harry Potter, dreamy British accents, and the use of English, choosing London was not a difficult decision for Claire. Transitioning from American to British life, on the other hand, was more difficult, as seen in her blog post “The Top 5 London Things I Still Can’t Get Used To.” These differences include switching from the US dollar to the pound, crossing the street with drivers on the opposite side of the road, the climate, and the casual and sometimes awkward British- English greeting of “you a’right.” Out of all these differences, the thing Claire most definitely can’t get used to is the opportunity she has taken to live in such a historical, multi-cultural, and overall wonderful city.

Study abroad is famous for allowing people to change. Claire notes one of her most notable experiences was learning to love independent travel. Claire used her introverted nature and love of car rides to her benefit, using public transport first to relax, and later break out and explore London. Eventually, she even went to Ireland on her own.  Her newfound level of independence had a positive affect on many aspects of her life and, besides boosting her confidence levels, allowed her to make the most of her time in London!

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