Going Abroad as an International Business Major: Nothing but Gains

Choosing a major is an important decision upon entering college. For senior international business major Emily Seratch ’19,  the choice was a no brainer. As an international business major, students at Elizabethtown College are required to study abroad for a semester. After two years of cultural classes leading up to her abroad experience, Emily reflected on the assumptions and realities of studying abroad as an international business major.

Even though there are requirements to study abroad as an international business major, the actual experience students have while abroad is a choice. Studying abroad helps students to set themselves up for success by allowing personal development and the opportunity to try things outside of their comfort zone, which helps students to experiment to find their true passions. This, in turn, will help to find a job that connects to these passions.

Going abroad as an international business major also helps to enforce cultural skills discussed in the classes. Students can observe how local businesses operated, what they’re selling, and how they interact with customers. Even talking about various topics with students can help individuals to learn how to better work with people from different cultures. Even meeting individuals from other countries can help to give new perspectives, such as how different cultures view time.

*Click on the hyperlinks above to read Emily’s original blog published by BCA Study Abroad on January 3, 2018. Since Emily studied abroad, BCA discontinued the Dalian program. Please consult our list of affiliated, semester-long programs to review our current opportunities. 

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