5 Reasons to Study in Newcastle, Australia

  1. The cultural mix- The University of Newcastle is a destination for international students from all over the world. You will go to school with not only Australians but people from France, Africa, the UK and many more. Housing is a mix of nationalities so you will constantly be immersed in a unique combination of culture. Students at the University of Newcastle are excited to meet people from other countries and are extremely welcoming to international students. One semester in Newy, and you’ll have lifetime friends around the world!


  1. The location- Newcastle University is located in the Callahan suburbs which are about 20 minutes from Newcastle’s business district and beaches. The campus is set amongst beautiful greenery which makes for a beautiful walk to class. Then there are multiple beaches surrounding the city that are all an easy walk from downtown. The downtown area is a short bus ride or drive from campus which makes it easily accessible to international students without cars. The city is small enough to get familiar with and big enough to spend an entire semester exploring. Newcastle is also only a 2 hour train ride from Sydney so the opera house is never too far!


  1. On campus life- There are tons of things to keep you busy on campus when you aren’t studying. Intramural sports are a popular pass time on this campus fueled by fun rivalries that exist between the different housing groups. The gym on campus is extremely nice with a pool and rock climbing wall inside. The International House, a housing option on campus, has its own social calendar for its students that makes for a very close knit group of friends. Each living option includes your own room and a shared swimming pool. There is no better way to make friends than spending time on campus.


  1. Downtown- The business district of Newcastle is full of shops, bars, coffee houses, restaurants, art boutiques and clubs. There is just as much to do on a Tuesday afternoon as there is on a Saturday night. From outdoorsy activities like surfing on the beach or hiking to sipping coffee on a corner booth and enjoying a night out with friends, Newcastle is the place to be!


  1. The Academics – The University of Newcastle is a much larger school than E-town which makes it easy for students to explore academic options they may not be able to at home. The array of class offerings makes finding the perfect schedule, obtainable. Professors welcome international students and are inclusive in their discussions about the world. Attending UoN gives you the experience of attending a large university which can be an exciting change.


About the Author – Carly Thompson ’18

Carly is a business major and lacrosse player, who studied abroad in Newcastle, Australia for the spring 2017 semester. She’s currently working as a Study Abroad Office Peer Advisor.

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