Becoming a Kiwi: My Journey to New Zealand

This is a reflection by Cierra Stevens '20, who recently gave a presentation about her time studying in Dunedin, New Zealand as part of Elizabethtown College's International Education Week. In this article, Cierra discusses the process that led her to have an amazing study abroad experience in New Zealand. I knew I wanted to study... Continue Reading →

Reverse Culture Shock

During the pre-departure meeting through the Study Abroad Office, they spoke about the reverse culture shock. I sat there and laughed to myself, thinking how I was going to be different from everyone else and would not experience this shock. How could coming back to your home country cause such an adverse effect? While abroad,... Continue Reading →

New Zealand Living

I believe my urge to travel started in high school, when I participated in an exchange program with students from Spain. It was a lot of fun and I really liked my two weeks living in Toledo, Spain, but I decided to switch it up in college and chose to live in New Zealand for... Continue Reading →

Personal Development Abroad

Occupational Therapy major Meghan Matje '20 considers herself a writer, adventurer and geek. She had the opportunity to study abroad in Dunedin, New Zealand. This opportunity taught her valuable life lessons. New Zealand is the filming location of Lord of the Rings. These movies were an important part of Meghan’s life growing up and taught her... Continue Reading →

Ready, Set, Go: Being an Athlete Abroad

Liz Driver '19 is a senior Communications major at Elizabethtown College. She works for the Study Abroad Office; is an active member of the school’s Public Relations club, Jay Firm; and previously ran cross country and track for E-town.  Liz studied abroad in Dunedin, New Zealand in the spring of 2017. Being an athlete abroad... Continue Reading →

Alumna’s Tips to Studying Abroad

Nicole Pellegrini '18 studied abroad in Dunedin, New Zealand. She is an Elizabethtown College alumna with a degree in Psychology. Going abroad, Nicole wasn’t sure what to expect. Now back in the United States, she has tips she wishes she would have known while studying abroad. Study abroad is a great opportunity to make new... Continue Reading →

Leave Your Comfort Zone: Join Clubs Abroad

Aubrey Maryniak '19 is a biochemistry major at Elizabethtown College. Aubrey’s hobbies include taking photos, hiking, painting, cooking, and yoga.  While abroad in Dunedin, New Zealand, she had the opportunity to work as a BCA Study Abroad Storyteller. To make the most of her experience, she became involved in clubs on the University of Otago's campus.... Continue Reading →

Completing Social Work Hours Abroad

Each year, the Elizabethtown College social work department sends seniors abroad to complete their 600 hours of internship time.  This year, two social work majors traveled to India and New Zealand to complete their first 200 hours of service. Alyson Courtney '17 spent fall 2016 in Dunedin, New Zealand. She worked 150 hours with a... Continue Reading →

Social Work Seniors Intern Across the Ocean

Despite cultural differences and miles of difference between Elizabethtown College and other countries, Andy Dunlap insists, “We’re all connected.” Dunlap, an associate social work professor at Elizabethtown College, works with fellow Department faculty members to ensure that seniors gain an understanding of this interconnectedness. Senior social work students are required to complete 600 hours of... Continue Reading →

Studying Abroad through BCA

When studying abroad Kaitlyn Tothero '16 did not know where to begin. She worked with the BCA staff, who helped to give her all the information and paperwork needed. Help from BCA made the preparation manageable. Arriving in New Zealand, Kaitlyn met her site coordinator, Ashley. The on-site cResident Director helped guide Kaitlyn through her... Continue Reading →

Finding New Interests Abroad: Rugby

Elizabethtown College Alumnus Micah Aumen '13 had no interest in Rugby upon arriving in Dunedin, New Zealand. One of his apprehensions about studying abroad was the lack of American sports. His time abroad allowed him to discover his new interest in the football down under-rugby. Rugby acted as a substitute while living in New Zealand,... Continue Reading →

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