Preparing to Study Abroad in Italy 

Occupational Therapy major Alyssa Eckstein '24 will be studying abroad in Viterbo, Italy during the spring of 2023. Bagnoregio, Province of Viterbo, Italy Ever since discovering that studying abroad was an option in college, I was always fascinated by the idea of immersing myself in a new culture and gaining a global mindset. I have... Continue Reading →

My Florentine Gelato Expedition

I had a bit of a gelato problem when I studied abroad in Florence, Italy; I'm not going to deny that. Not exactly ice cream and not exactly Italian ice and yet not exactly frozen yogurt, gelato is a singularly delicious standout among frozen desserts, and I was lucky to have access to it in... Continue Reading →

Wandering and Wondering in Florence

My name is Grace Gibson, and I am a senior English literature major and biology minor at Elizabethtown College. In the spring of 2019, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. I detailed the beginning of that experience in a blog post for CIS Abroad. Despite anxieties about going abroad and difficulties in the application process,... Continue Reading →

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